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  • Buffalo,  New York

    $ 66,900 Details
    3 Bedrooms + 1 Bathrooms
    ID: 6486
  • Cleveland,  Ohio

    $ 69,900 Details
    5 Bedrooms + 1 Bathrooms
    ID: 6566
  • Pontiac,  Michigan

    $ 72,000 Details
    3 Bedrooms + 1 Bathrooms
    ID: 7190
  • Detroit,  Michigan

    $ 76,300 Details
    3 Bedrooms + 1.5 Bathrooms
    ID: 7267
  • Cleveland,  Ohio

    $ 78,775 Details
    4 Bedrooms + 2 Bathrooms
    ID: 6530


Turn key real estate are properties that are properly rehabbed, professionally managed, and have a quality tenant in them at the time of purchase. The turn key properties that we have listed are ready to be put into a portfolio right away.

Our team takes your investme


All of our assets are sourced by strategic partners of ours, who follow specific guidelines regarding property cash flow and potential return. On each listing we provide a detailed Cash Flow breakdown that will allow you to see true estimates of how the properties are currently performing.